Why Should You Consider Indonesia for Amazing Scuba Diving Experience?

Indonesia is a country, which is known for its sea life. There is no other place, which has marine diversity as much as Indonesia has. Located at the heart of the ocean, the sea life begins from this place. For adventure lovers, they will find no other place better than Indonesia for surfing, scuba diving, and other water sports. There are many places in the world where you can go for scuba diving, but no where you will be able to beat the experience that Indonesian scuba diving can offer to you. Scuba diving is more about feeling and experiencing the undersea marine life, which means, richer the marine diversity, greater will be the fun of scuba diving.

The Beautiful Coral Reefs

World’s 20 percent of coral reefs are present in Indonesia. Fishes of around 600 coral species and 3000 distinguished species, volcanic sea mountains, deep sea trenches, varieties of macro species, and World War II wrecks make scuba diving of Indonesia an excellent sport. The costs are also not too high. Just book your tickets to Indonesia and enjoy its beautiful landscapes and sports. In comparison to other popular holiday spots, Indonesia is a low budget travel. You can also look for economical travel companies to fly to Indonesia. Garuda Indonesia offers promo tickets for 2014; you could cut down your travel budget by choosing their services.

The Exotic Underwater Marine Life

Dive and enjoy the exotic underwater marine life. It is so colorful and engaging that you will feel like one amongst them only. It’s absolutely safe in terms of the water hygiene and species. The scuba trainers and instructors are very well versed with the sea, so don’t be afraid. Just follow their instructions properly and it will be one of the most beautiful experiences, which you will remember for your whole life. As per your need and travel purpose, you could choose a suitable package.

Pick the Customized Packages

There are many packages available and customized as per people’s need. From resort booking and sightseeing to photography and diving, everything can be taken in a package. There are diving trips on live boards, which will take you from the seas of Bali to the islands of Rinca and Komodo. One of the best scuba diving spots is near Komodo. This place is around Raja Ampat and Banda Islands. Here, you will find very few boats, and only enthusiastic pleasure-seeking divers are to be seen.

Must-See Tourist Spots

There are many places in Indonesia, which will be worth paying a visit. But, if you want to limit your travel strictly to a diving itinerary then some places are must to visit. Raja Ampat is one such place for serious divers. Not many people choose this spot for scuba diving. If you are bold enough, go for it.


Komodo is also a similar destination where you can see sharks, fishes, dolphins and many other colorful creatures. Divers even opt for packages that include photography and video recording facility. Opting for these may shoot up the budget, but it is definitely worth those extra dollars. You are going to remember and carry this exhilarating experience of scuba diving throughout your life.

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